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Nexo NS-1 Speaker Simulation Fundamentals

The Nexo NS-1 Speaker Simulation Fundamentals course provide an introduction to Nexo's speaker simulation software. The software allows you to create venues, add speakers from the Nexo range and perform accurate SPL predicitations in your designed venue space.

This course introduces you to the software navigation, venue design, speaker placement and SPL prediction.

Topics covered in this course are:

  • Terminology
  • Navigation
  • Venue Planes
  • Venue Design
  • Build Steps
  • Speaker Placement
  • Creating Contours (SPL Prediction)

The course teaches you the basics of the software and the practical aspects of using the software for real life scenarios.


This course assumes you have basic knowledge of point source and line array speaker technologies.

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  Courses Nexo NXamp

Nexo NXAMP Fundamentals (Coming Soon)

The Nexo NXAMP is Nexo's powered TD Controller that integrates an amplifer with a Nexo TD Controller for seemless configuration and operation with any speaker products from Nexo. Currently available in the 4X1 and 4X4 models, these devices are able to automatically adjust power out and speakon connetor settings to work with any Nexo speaker. Also available as add on devices are the Digital Meter Unit (DMU) and the Digital Patching Unit (DPU)

Topics coverd in this course are:

  • Spefications of the 4X1 and 4X4
  • I/O and Card Options
  • Built in TD Controller
  • Operation and Configuration
  • DMU device and connection
  • DPU device and connection
  • NEMO (iOS App for remote control)

The course allows you to get a feel for the physical devices and their configuration


This course assumes you have solid knowledge of audio (analog and/or digital) e.g. gain, eq, compression, impedance, speaker connections.

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