Here at Group Technologies we pride ourselves on providing quality equipment and training to enable you. Our course run for 2-3 hours with a mix of thoery and practical. Our trainers are experts in thier field and have had years of experience in the professiol audio industry - they are here to help you learn.

Check out the courses we currently have on offer below.

Courses Digico

DiGiCo mixing consoles are the most advanced consoles on the market. Whether you are a beginner or advanced user, our DiGiCo training courses are here to help you get the most out of your consoles.

Courses on offer:


 Courses Nexo

NEXO are one of the leading loudspeaker manufacturers in Europe, producing innovative and powerful prodcuts. Group Technologies offer courses in NEXO NS-1, NEXO's speaker predicition software, and NEXO NXAMP, NEXO amplifiers with built in NEXO speaker control/management (TD Controller).

Courses on offer:



Courses GTNetwork

With the increasing need to connect audio products together over networks, Group Technologies have put together a range of training courses to help you better understand how IP networking works and how to use it to do something as simple as connect your iPad to your DiGiCo console to more advanced networking like connecting consoles together while managing your amplifiers and DSP controllers.

Courses on offer:


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